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Head office: Brdo pri Lukovici 8, 1225 Lukovica, Slovenija, eba@ebaeurope.eu



As is known, the initiator of the establishment of the EBA is the first elected president of the EBA,  Mr. Boštjan Noč from Slovenia.


He has always been the source of the most ingenious ideas for the development of beekeeping, but not only was he the source of ideas, but he had and still has ways to implement them. He confirmed this by encouraging the country of Slovenia to work together to get all the countries of the world to support the establishment of World Bee Day.


On his initiative, Slovenia, together with Portugal, submitted amendments to the EU regulation on marking the origin of honey, and between the last two World Bee Day celebrations, we also received a new EU regulation according to which there is an obligation to mark honey by country of origin, which is only the first, but an extremely important step in the realization of his ideas for finally solving the problem of honey counterfeiting!

At the conference held in Slovenia on September 18th., 2021, where the beekeepers’ associations of the region gathered to support his idea of introducing the obligation to precisely label honey by country of origin, we also heard from him about the next step we need to take, in order to remove counterfeit honey forever from the market, because until then no one had done anything serious about it in the EU.
It is the establishment of the European Beekeeping Association which would represent the interests of all European beekeepers and fight at the level of the EU as well as countries outside the EU to find adequate operational methods for the permanent removal of counterfeit honey from the market (more details at the link: https://ebaeurope.eu/date-when-the-idea-of-founding-eba-was-born/).

Therefore, we hope that now that we have founded the European Beekeeping Association (EBA), we will be able to achieve this goal as soon as possible!





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